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Jessy Zizzo is a Boston based dancer, choreographer, producer, and comedian. Her current projects, Laugh Track and PunchLine combine contemporary dance and stand up comedy, to make for one cathartic release. Jessy also performs with Boston based VLA Dance, Ruckus Dance, and Natalie Johnson Dance Company. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies from the University of South Florida and has performed work throughout Chicago, Boston, Nashville, Tampa, Beijing, and Paris. 



I create with the intention that Laughter and Movement can spark life back into a day, month, or even a year. The goal of my work is to provide a release to not only the people viewing it, but the people performing it as well. I draw my movement and comedy inspiration from researching the following— points of initiation, spiraling out of control, and the motion is forward.

A firm believer in the phrase, laughter is the best medicine.



Photos by Olivia Moon Photography

Laugh Track is a show that combines contemporary dance and stand up comedy. Produced by Jessy Zizzo and Eliza Malecki, this lighthearted performance was sponsored by and premiered at Green Street Studios October 2019.



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