Directed by Jessy Zizzo and inspired by her work in Laugh Track “and how does that make you feel,” PunchLine is a series of shows that feature Boston-area dancers and stand-up comedians. All are welcome and encouraged to come roll with the Punches. 

April 10th and 11th, 2020, Boston Center for the Arts’ Plaza Black Box Theatre 


Do you struggle with following your dreams while having to pay outrageous Boston rent prices? Welcome to PunchLine’s “Traumatic Jobs Anonymous” - a support group for artists and the like. Whether you’re a theater professional working at a bar serving Massholes or a videogame designer working in healthcare, TJA is the safe space you have been looking for. Join us for our next “meeting,” a.k.a an evening celebrating dance, comedy, and community. 


Jessy Zizzo- Director, Producer, Choreographer
Mitzi Eppley- Dancer
Sasha Peterson- Dancer
Jeff Medoff - Comedian
Bethany Van Delft - Comedian

With a commitment to fair compensation for artists and high quality production, a budget of $3,000 is needed. Help us reach this goal! Fundraiser Deadline // March 13th

Photos by Olivia Moon Photography